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Take advantage of Santa Fe’s weather with a guided Yogihike.  Your group will trek up peaceful wooded trails; then lay your mats on the forest floor for a one hour yoga session.”

-Shape Magazine

The Santa Fean

New Mexico

Here is a quote we think you will like: “We hiked for about 45 minutes, covering roughly 2 miles up to ridgeline overlooking Santa Fe gathering at a place just off the trail where Stacy has practiced yoga so often that it now feels sacred to her. I soon find myself doing tree pose face-to-face with a Pondarosa pine and noticed that, like me, it also sways a bit in the breeze.”

Featured in Eco-Travel

Yogihiker “invites participants to tune into views and sounds from the chattering of squirrels to the psithurism of the ponderosas. The session, which invites connection rather than competition, runs counter to many studio practice sessions in today’s yoga community.  “It tends to be a really awakening experience,” Stacy Kinsley observes.

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