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Q & A

Who can Yogihike? 
Anyone!  Any person who does some form of cardio exercise regularly, likes to hike and is a yoga lover or open to trying yoga  is a candidate for Yogihikes!   Men, women, old and young love the benefits of the whole body experience. Sorry, but our Yogihikes are not the perfect excursion for children under 9 years old, however we welcome minors (from 9 to 18) who are accompanied by an adult.
How do I prepare for a Yogihike?
Santa Fe is known for its blue skies, fabulous sunshine (+300 days per year!!) and the air which is crisp and pure, no matter the season. In the summer months, morning temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to a high of 85°F.   Fall and Spring have cooler mornings with temperatures ranging from 60° to 70°.  But keep in  mind that the powerful sun can make the days feel warmer.  Our typical hike begins at an elevation of 7,350 feet with an average ascent of 500 feet.   We recommend that our clients acclimatize for a couple of days to get used to the altitude, drink plenty of water and  avoid excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco.  Not everyone will feel the effects of the high altitude but some visitors will experience nausea or lightheadedness, and headaches. Yogihiker counts on our clients to know their bodies, and to never over exert them.  
What should I wear / bring?
Water bottle, held in a fanny / waist pack is ideal.
Comfortable walking shoes, preferably trail sneakers
as we will experience uneven, rocky footing.
Lightweight stretchy long pants or capris, shorts.
Fleece or wind jacket for cooler morning hikes.
Sunscreen/sunblock and lip balm.
Hat or baseball cap.
Yogihiker provides your yoga mat, props and a snack.
Winter 3 Element Tour participants should wear hiking or snow boots and bring gloves and a hat.
What if I can’t find someone to Yogihike with me?
You are welcome to book a solo Yogihike which has a surcharge of $45 plus tax – or better yet if you are traveling with a friend that’s not into the yoga, we’ve added the option to have an extended guided hike for him or her during our yoga time.
Are there restrooms on the hike?
There are outhouses on the Aspen Immersion Hike, but not on our closer to town Traditional Yogihikes.  However when nature calls, nature is there.  Yogihiker supplies TP and a baggie for disposal, a trowel to dig a hole if need be, and hand sanitizer.  3 Elements Tour participants have access to Origin’s restrooms before or after the hike.