Guiding Principles


        The underlying principle of hiking and yoga is immersing into our bodies and surroundings.  When we hit the trails and begin the hike, our guests are encouraged to observe the natural world: the smell of the air, the feel of the wind, the sound of the birds, the shifting shadows, and our ever-changing inner physical and emotional landscape.  We will be held in sacred space to experience and accept whatever arises.

         Yoga asks that you devote yourself fully to the moment, no matter how challenging a pose may be.   To be fully present during practice is to stay with all of the sensations until it’s time to come out of a pose.   As in hiking, there may be a great distance between you and your destination.  Yogihikers are invited to embody the experience of enjoying the journey as much as, if not more than, the promise of the destination.  We offer you an outdoor adventure that feeds the soul.