Forestbathing can be done in any season, at any age, by anyone who is interested and able to share space in quiet observance.
Inspired by Japan’s Shinrin-Yoku, we lead you on an immersive sensorial experience of connecting with the forest, and reconnecting with the pure nature inside us. Amidst the lofty New Mexican ponderosas and quaking aspens, we slowly enter a realm where the trees reign as wisdom keepers and teachers. We walk upon their vast root tendrils, their threads of invitation. With our senses and imaginations open, we weave a web of interconnection beyond our human centered world. Our trained guides open each Forestbath initiating each guest to the current moment, and followed with an intention to engage with the natural world through slow, rhythmic meandering.

Once in the forest, we introduce the concept of the sit-spot and rest seated on the forest floor. We lead a guided breathing experience, and offer those who would like to flow in gentle movement. During your one on one time with the forest, we present you with a keepsake journal and pen to gather your thoughts or illustrate the plants and forest surroundings that you see, or the wildlife (you most likely won’t see, but may imagine) traveling past or bedding down in your chosen spot. We follow our sit with a ceremony of local herbal tea and a sharing of our experience in an intimate, safe circle of Forestbathers.

We meet at 10:30 AM and spend approximately 2.5 to 3 hours deep in the forest. Location confirmed with reservation. $179 per person, plus tax.
Minimum of 2 participants.