Extended Yogihike

The Yogihike experience: We meet at the trailhead (time to be confirmed but usually at 9:30 AM.)   When we hit the trails and begin the hike, our clients are encouraged to observe the natural world: the smell of the air, the feel of the wind, the sound of the birds, the shifting shadows, and our ever-changing feelings of eagerness, happiness, pride, vulnerability, strength, exhaustion—whatever arises.   This Extended Yogihike begins with a more challenging hike with a total approximate distance of 4+  miles with a minimum of a 700 foot elevation gain. Depending upon the trail of the day, we return to where the optimum ground is available and begin our yoga practice. (Typically hiking about 1 hour+  up the mountain, practicing yoga for an hour and then hiking back down.)
Adopting an attitude of curiosity is the first step to enjoying a practice out of doors.We encourage you to let go of your ideas about what your yoga practice should look or feel like, and see what you encounter as we lead you through poses that will balance the hiking for your muscles, meridians,
and mind.   We then continue the hike (typically a loop with new vistas), head back to the trail head, refreshed and ready for the day ahead.  
 For you avid hikers interested in a longer and more challenging hike, we offer an opportunity to extend your hike to approximately 4.5 miles round trip. $199 per person, plus tax. Minimum of 2 participants.
The approximate duration of our Extended Yogihike is  3.5  hours, however we are known to “lose time” out there, and may occasionally run ten or fifteen minutes over.   If you are  on a tight schedule, please let us know.