about us

Spending time in the woods has always been a source of calm, connection, and wonder. The same can be said of yoga. Yogihiker brings the two enriching experiences together on the trails of Santa Fe. We invite people to start their day experiencing the incredible outdoors, turquoise blue skies, and beautiful trails and to leave a Yogihike fully refreshed with more vitality to enjoy what our amazing “City Different” is known for, the arts, culture, and cuisine. We offer a variety of outdoor experiences – Traditional Yogihike: 3 mile roundtrip hike, with 1 hour private yoga instruction at the top of the mountain. Rate is $135 per person, 2 person min. 3 Element Yogihike, Approx 4 hours, 1.5 mile hike, with 1 hour at the top of the mountain private yoga, followed by a Native American inspired Medicine Wheel guided meditation and a vegan picnic lunch, and 1.5 mile hike down.$195 per person, 2 person min. Ask us about private groups, extended Yogihike or special occasion themed Yogihikes.