3 Element Yogihike

Join us in a celebration of 3 Elements of a healthy life: Hiking, Yoga & Meditation. The profound set and setting offers a navigation tool for living our lives in sync and harmony, a way to connect with spirit and to affirm our place in the universe and reflect on our individual life journey.

We hike approximately one hour up the mountain in the National Forest, stopping at our sacred Yogihiker location and begin our yoga practice. Upon closing our yoga ceremony we make our way to the mountain saddle and take our place at the hand built and local New Mexican preserved medicine wheel.  We gather in a circle and are led on a guided meditation.  This collective yet individual journey invites us to reflect while calling on the the 4 directions, Mother Earth and Father sky. We journey through a complete life cycle supported with visions of the seasons, spirit animals, elements and colors of each direction to connect to something larger than ourselves. After closing our ceremony we conclude with a picnic Ayurvedic vegan or paleo lunch. Experience is approximately 4 hours.  $249 per person, plus tax. Trip participant minimum of two people.  Start time and location to be confirmed – usually meeting at 9:30 AM.  Total round trip hiking distance is approximately 3 miles with a 500 foot elevation gain. Yoga practice is one hour and is adaptable to all experience levels. Please advise at time of booking of any food allergies. 

Option without a picnic is available at the rate of $225 per person plus tax.