This Is Us

Spending time in the woods has always been a source of calm, connection, and wonder for me. The same could be said of my yoga practice. Ive created Yogihiker to bring the two experiences together and share them with you.” -Stacy 

Stacys life  changed dramatically when she began practicing yoga over 20 years ago.  By accessing her physical and energy body, she awoke from her corporate driven numbness and began a journey of experiencing all that life has to offer.  Shes a believer that what you learn in yoga is dependent on where you are at the present moment.  This truth is reflected in her exploration of study with an array of well known yoga teachers and disciplines. She encourages her students to listen to their body and get out of their heads.  Her goal is to help fellow yogis to let go and recognize that with clarity, patience, honesty and compassion that less effort in asana will enable their energy and physical bodies to release more fully into their poses and on a greater level, their daily lives off the mat.


Equally passionate about regularly hitting the wide variety of trails available in Santa Fe and Albuquerque Stacy founded Yogihiker in 2010 with the intent of offering visitors a unique experience by combining hiking with yoga and meditation on carefully scoped out sections of trails within the pristine wilderness.  The many days she spends deep in the mountains has given her an appreciation for all that there is in life.  Stacy has carefully selected her Yogihiker guides who share a similar mindset.