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 aspen immersion
This will definitely be a repeat experience when I return to Sante Fe. It was indeed perfect.”
Tripadvisor testimonial
“The hike and yoga practice in the National Forest was the highlight of our trip. Stacy was a great guide, attentive and focused all of us on simply enjoying nature. The yoga practice was in a small clearing in the midst of gorgeous trees. It was truly a special practice.”
Wendy, North Carolina
“How lucky I was to find this experience on line! Not only did I have a FANTASTIC 3 hour hike/yoga class, but I made a wonderful friend as well!! I’m a yoga instructor myself, but rarely get to be the student. On my first trip to NM, I knew that I wanted to hike the area, but also knew yoga would be powerful in this area. When I saw that Stacy was combining the two, I really wanted to try it. I was not disappointed! Stacy met me Saturday morning for a trail hike up the mountain. The hike was at first a little intense for me (as I was not used to the altitude), but soon I found my breath and enjoyed the scenery, the exercise, and the conversation. Stacy found a great little area for us to do yoga and broke out the mats. She seemed to intuitively know what my body needed that morning. After about an hour of asanas and meditation, we made our way back down the mountain. I felt invigorated, refreshed, and ready to continue on my cross country journey that I was doing with my 4 children. If you like to hike, and you like, or are interested in yoga, you are in for a treat. Enjoy!
Angie, Raleigh, NC”
“We had an amazing time hiking with Stacy with Yogihiker! Hands down one of my favorite things we did in Santa Fe. Not only was the Santa Fe National Forest gorgeous (love that pine tree smell!), but Stacy was an excellent guide and conversationalist. And, she suggested what turned out to be our favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. Like another reviewer said, Stacy made it so easy…she carried all our yoga gear, so we only had to bring sunscreen and water. The yoga stop was incredible…listening to our own breath, the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and a woodpecker and other birds overhead. Rarely, on a hike, do I stop to hear all the sounds of nature…mixing yoga with hiking is such a brilliant idea! Highly recommend!”
Cheryl L, Solana Beach, California
“What a wonderful idea!” Yelp
“We were really excited to do this and are so glad we did.  We went on a hike in the Santa Fe Forest and stopped in a clearing to do yoga, and then hiked a loop back.  Our yogihiker guide brought mats, blocks and straps, and even let us use her hiking poles.  All we brought was water, lip balm and sunscreen (which was recommended before hand).  It was very peaceful to do yoga in the forest, with the sounds of nature and the beautiful blue Santa Fe sky!  I would definitely do this again.  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors!  Sarah S., Seattle, WA”
Yogihiker is AWESOME! What a great idea! We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you. It was a truly memorable experience. We hope to do it again in the future! 
Keith P., St. Louis, MO”
“I would just like to add my comments about Stacy’s Yogihike today. It was a god workout for my whole body; it was balanced; she  assisted us in postures with amazing results; and I felt great afterwards. Thanks, Stacy.  You all don’t know what you are missing!!!!
Susan M., Los Angeles, CA”
My wife signed us up for a Yogihike and I wasn’t too thrilled about it.  However with Stacy’s help I quickly shifted gears and gained a keen appreciation for a new and exhilarating experience just miles away from the arts, entertainment, and fine dining that brought us to town.
Andy K., New York, NY”