3 Element Yogihike

Yogihiker announces it’s newest offering by customer demand!  3 Element Yogihike Join us in a celebration of 3 elements of a healthy life: Hiking, Yoga & Meditation followed by a picnic ayurvedic vegan lunch.  $249/person plus tax. Trip participant minimum of two people. IMG_8384TripAdvisor review: “We embarked on the “3 Element” hike in December, climbing the a trail near 10 Thousand Waves to a small clearing on the ridge. Under crystal blue skies and towering pine trees, our phenomenal guide, Stacy, led us through a gentle yoga session before settling in by the Medicine Wheel for a guided meditation. Afterwards, we ate a delicious Aryvedic lunch, which included kale salad, kitchari, yogi tea, and a variety of snacks. After a particularly difficult year, our time with Stacy rejuvenated our spirits and was the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. She truly focuses on the mind-body connection and after practicing yoga among the trees, it will be VERY hard to return to a studio. If you are in Santa Fe, Yogihiker is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after returning home.”   1/4/18 What to expect with approximate times: 9:30 AM Santa Fe, meet at designated spot.  Follow Yogihiker guide in your own car to the National Forest Trailhead, approximately 2 miles. Begin hiking loop trail, nestled, shaded with gradual ascent to the saddle with a total elevation gain of 700 feet. 10:40 AM Experience gentle restorative flow yoga class nestled in a soft pine valley enclosed by towering ponderosa trees. Yogihiker asks that you devote yourself fully to the moment. To be fully present during yoga practice is to stay with all of the sensations until it’s time to come out of a pose. Being present means enjoying the journey and environs as much as, if not more than, the promise of the destination. 11:45 AM Traditionally the yoga poses (asanas) were practiced to prepare the body for a seated meditation.  Following our yoga practice, we take a short hike over to the saddle of the mountain and take a seat at the stone formed medicine wheel.  Yogihiker guides our clients through a meditation using the Native American Medicine Wheel or Sacred Wheel as a navigation tool through the 4 directions of the earth and their respective seasons.  The lessons of the Medicine Wheel give us direction and insights, it gives us a map to the inner workings of our spirit and at the same time, gives us a chance to connect to something larger than ourselves. 12:15 AM  Following the meditation, we enjoy an Ayurvedic* vegan picnic lunch:  Kitchari (heated), combines protein (mung dhal) and carbohydrates (basmati rice) and spices into a single dish. We complement this with a massaged kale salad topped with toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts. We finish with homemade chai tea. These amazingly tasty dishes are known to aid digestive distress, balance metabolism, and offer potent blood and liver cleansing.


*Ayurveda is 3 elements 1a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. 12:45 PM Hike back up to the trail juncture and take the alternate loop trail to the parking lot. 1:30 PM gratefully depart ways in the hopes that our paths cross again.